Sunday, October 21, 2012

Whoever you are...

"Perghhh.msti susah kan kau nk lupa kan dua-dua tu? haha.
biar orang perempuan buat kat kita,jangan lelaki yg buat dekat perempuan.
sbb diorang kaum yg lemah. Kita kena la terima dugaan yang mendatang.
insyaAllah.kelak nanti yang lelaki msti dpat yang smpurna dalam hdup kita.
jdi kita sebagai lelaki kena la trima dugaan tu. Padam kan nafsu dan ego sebelum kawin.baru mncabar.- "

A boy wrote this comment on a song I was listening to on Youtube. He probably was referring to the music video, a guy whose cheated by two girls and ended up with nobody.

 Boy, whoever you are, you have my respect.
I can stand guys being naughty or evil or bad ect, ect...but I hate those who didn't respect women. Guys who dare to hit women ,,, I hate these kind of guys..ewww..

And I agree with him;

"Girls can bully boys but boys must never bully girls."

lol, looks unfair isn't it? haha

anyway...The boy who wrote that comment, is a real gentleman, i love you for that, well done! ^_^

p/s: I love to tease boys, bully them and seeing them making this sad face.. aww.. so cute! haha.. but really, if they bully me back, erkk.. that's scary. Pls, let us hit you, I'm sure it won't scratch you a bit, but please don't hit us back, you know you guys are a lot stronger than us!

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