Thursday, August 12, 2010

Check out these>> Cool YouTubers !!~

Youtube is one of my favorite websites and a place-must-visit every time I'm online. Believe me, it never fails to entertain you.
Usually, I'll stumble upon many great videos created by creative and talented people. It's important to record any findings I get from Youtube so I won't forget them. So, that's the major reason why I did this list.

1. K-Pop modern composer!

user name : keudae

When I first watch this vid, I almost cry. It's so lovely!
She plays guitar, piano, violin and maybe a lot more! She compose the korean songs tabs herself and plays them with her brother (the boy in the video). She's in the vid too but we can only see her hand and guitar.

2. Acoustic Boy

youtube user name : PauloSousaYT

He IS SO CUTE! I love his version of Crazier, it's even better than Taylor's version.
he likes to play guitar and sing girl songs- taylor swift, miley, jonas bros, justin bieber and other disney songs.. but he done it nicely and in a very cool way!

3. Amazing Voice~

tube user name : alyssashouse524

She's seriously a girl with an amazing voice!. Though in this video, she look kind of 'stiff' and very nervous, the voice alone is simply amazing and touching.

4. Best parody making!

tube user name : barelypolitical

they did a lot of video parody and it's so funny, I can watch it hundred times without getting bored!MyEm0.Com

Young Pianist ^^

youtube user name : embergmanis12

How very lucky if I can be his GF and watch him playing piano all day long....boys who play guitar are HOT, but boys who play piano, are twice as HOT! MyEm0.ComIt's so wonderful to see a young boy-pianist like him playing to today's pop songs.. ONE word, 'WICKED!'

P/S Why. am. I. writing. like. a. ridiculously nice and boring geek??!!! Man, I should get back to my old self!MyEm0.Com


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