Monday, August 9, 2010

Korean guys VS Japanese Guys~

MyEm0.Com another pointless post..but I don't care... I just looove pasting pictures on my blog.. it looks.. colorful..yeah. MyEm0.Com

Q: Between Japanese boys and Korean boys, which one is better?

Let's make a quick comparison here;


1. Tegoshi yuya, - I can never look ugly...-

when I say that he can never look ugly, I mean it. Seriously, he looks good in everything, in any expressions!

2. Nishikido Ryo, - I don't have to look like a girl to be beautiful...-

In reality, most Japanese boys usually look like a girl to be called good-looking or cute. Sometimes, they are too girly-looking and it's not something good, I think. But you can never mistaken Ryo as a girl. He proves to everyone that a Japanese boy can still look like a boy and be beautiful!

3. Yamapi,- I never smile, yet, I'm the most good looking of all...

A picture of Yamapi smiling would be almost impossible to find. As I browsing through his images, 90% of his pictures consist of him looking sulky, sexy or bored. But, hey, he doesn't even need to smile to look good! MyEm0.Com

4. Kanata Hongo, - I'm a boy with deadly piercing eyes...-

Mr. Kanata is another one that's hardly smile, but when he does, he'll looks so.. awkward. But he got that pair of sharp piercing eyes that won't appeal much if he smile.

5. Chinen Yuuri, - I can kill people with my smile-

Isn't he adorable?? MyEm0.Com he got that killer smile that can literally choked people to death with his

Okie, enough with Japanese cuties.. let's move on to Korean hotties~


1. Kim Kibum, - I have chubby cheeks but I don't wanna look cute!-

I remember the first time i watched a fan video of Kim Kibum. I cried. Yes. For real. Why? Because I can't believe such cute guy exists. Well, that was when he was still young and innocence. Now, he just wanna look tough and manly and looses all that cuteness. what a waste....

2. Lee Taemin, - I dance like a robot, but look like an angel -

Nothing more to say, he's definitely the most dramatic, innocent-looking best dancer in K-pop world! MyEm0.Com

3. Lee Donghae, - I look cute even when I trying not to look cute -

What I like about Donghae is, he's a natural person. He looks cute without even have to try. Well, the secret lies in his young, boyish face and that adorable baby teeth!MyEm0.Com

4. Max Changmin - I'm a good singer and a natural cutie -

Seriously, can't anyone see that? Max is a natural cutie. He got the same look when he was a pre teen until now. And he's one of the best singer in DBSK. But I guess everyone is just too busy with Hero Jaejoong to even notice Max.MyEm0.Com

5. Wonbin, - I'll be forever young -

he's probably the first Korean guy I know because Autumn in My heart is the first Korean drama I watched. He's so good looking in that series eventhough he's supposed to be the bad guy. If I was the heroin, i would deff dump the hero and run off with Wonbin, lol! He's so boyish-looking that I'm sure he'll be forever young regardless how old he actually is.

so.. which one really wins? Korean or Japanese?? At the end of the day.. I really don't know!



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