Friday, August 6, 2010

Great stuff in internet~

Listed below are the rest of the movies, Tv shows, documentaries and reality shows i've watched during these few months at home.. =D. Just putting them here for personal reminder =)

-New Moon (2009)

-The Neverending Stories (1985)

-Kid Nation (reality show) (2007)

-16 and Pregnant ( MTV documentary) (2009)

-The Coal House at War (reality show) (2008)

-Soul Man (1986)

-The Biggest Fan (2002)

-John's Not Mad (documentary)

-World's strictest Parents (reality show) (2009)

-Manor House (reality show) (2002)

-Joe The King (1999)

- Fighting Spiders (2009)

-Teenage Tourettes Camp (documentary)

-Alice in Wonderland (2009)

-Life as a House (2001)

All these can be found somewhere in the net.. as long as no one take it down..yet.. ^ ^


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