Saturday, August 7, 2010

SHINee, Tokio Hotel, Miley Cyrus>> what!!?

Why do they have to freaking change??

1. SHINee

I miss the old clean-boyish-sweet-urban looking SHINee, and their old styles and songs like Replay, Love Like Oxygen ect, ect..

~Old SHINee~

~new SHINee~

don't like the new image at all.......... and their new song Lucifer sounds like typical korean pop songs (though i quite enjoy the awesome beat and danceMyEm0.Com)
they might look cooler and hotter with new image.. but I still long for the old sweet SHInee..

2. Tokio Hotel

First, they were Devilish (2001)

Then, they changed to Tokio Hotel, (look at Bill's hair^^)

and Bill changed his hairstyle, again (n it's the best hairstyle for him)MyEm0.Com

But then, he decide to grow them long.. and spikey.. and emm..up-straight?

but it's still pretty okay.. in facts it become a trade mark for him and make him 'pops out' in the crowd. But then, he changed his hair again... *sigh~

and again...MyEm0.Com

and again?

and again... ?

not only the hair change, but they also change their music style. i love their Schrei and Zimmer 483 albums but dislike the new Humanoid album. though their old songs might be a lil bit emo+sad+whining teen kind of songs but it's filled with souls and emotions. Humanoid is a lil bit robotic and emotionless for me..

i miss the old emo-lookin Tokio Hotel where Bill rockin' those crazy t-shirt, ripped jeans and chains instead of branded, sophisticated, expensive outfits he likes to wear now..MyEm0.Com

3. Miley Cyrus

I used to like Miley Cyrus a lot.. as Hannah Montana. I think she's really pretty, and her songs are great. She used to be really sweet like this:

so sweeet!!MyEm0.Com

before she started to become ....edgy? and dressed like Lady Gaga

eww.. this new image doesn't even look good on her.. and how old is her btw?? the end of the day

i just realized that this post is pointless.. i'm like an immature teeny sulking at the corner of my room, wondering why people has to change and no longer being the same person i used to know. I guess, reality has to be accepted. People change for a reason. It's a good thing if they do it by their own will and not because of others. I guess they've found their true self and I'm glad that they're not pretending to be someone their not.
MyEm0.Com bye-bye!



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