Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holidays and Counting for UK ~

It has been a couple of months of 'me-doing-nothing-at home'. I remembered before my holiday started, I've been planning to do a lot of things at home. This include;

1.Learn how to Cook - so I won't starve in UK
2.Learn basic German language - I want to impress my friends when we join German class later
3.Learn how to finger-pick my guitar - sick of my friends nagging at my lack of ability to finger-pick
4.Watch and download dozens of movies- Hey, you never know when you'll be this free again!
5.Spend every minutes of the day at home with my family - forsho!

............but what actually happened after two months of holiday, MyEm0.Com

Well, I did learnt how to cook. I learnt how to add an egg into my instant noodle.MyEm0.ComAnd I also learnt how to make a simple pancake on my own. This is deff my biggest achievement in cooking yet! MyEm0.Com

Since we are expected to take one foreign language class later, I have decided to take German class. Of course the main reason is because of Tokio Hotel !!!... he he he
MyEm0.Com and I've already learnt a few German words for preparation. But, of course, I'll forget them after 13 minutes. However, now I'm not so sure anymore about taking German class. I mean,French does sound nice too.. hmmMyEm0.Com
3.~ At least I did learn some finger-pickings. MyEm0.ComI've found some easy guitar tabs on the net and started to play a couple of songs >> Because I'm stupid - SS501 and Insa - DBSK. But, that was before my guitar sounds really bad and so out-of-tune and I can't change the strings because - people here don't see the important of having a Music Store nearby!! MyEm0.Com

Yes, I did watch a lot of movies -duh, see my last posts- at least once a day. Comedy, drama, horror, adventure, fantasy, foreign, kids movies, teens movies, grandpa's movies. Needless to say, I've watched 'em all!
..........................MyEm0.Com unfortunately, my laptop is having a major damage right now and I have to sacrifice some comfort to watch movies on my PC instead.. ~ouch, my back..

And yeah, I did spend every minute of the day at home with my family. I mean, like really2x spend every moment at home, that I refuse to go anywhere. My friends and my family actually have to drag me out of the home.MyEm0.Com Well, what can I say, I'm really emotionally attached to my house and btw, I am a self-confessed "indoor person". If it's not obvious enuff~MyEm0.Com
MyEm0.Com MyEm0.Com
I only have about
a month left to spend at home, to spend in Malaysia (o my God). And i really haven't prepared, either mentally or physically. The only thing that I bought for travelling to UK is a luggage bag. and that's all.seriously, this thing is bigger than my self.

--------------------- XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX--------------------

been writing a lot to kill some time!


CaraLov3 said...

when u reached uk
i'll pop out from da luggage togther wif poppy n say hi

this is great!
keep writing~

xox Faiqah xox said...

ak jumpa website 'myemo' mu tu..
ha3.. tu sbb ak rajin blogging skang ni..ho3
promote la blog ak kt pengikut2 mu tu.. juz hoping that none of my classmates found this blog.. ak bnyk nk ngumpat sal deme ni,,

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃