Friday, August 20, 2010

Korean Addiction is Dangerous!!~

Some of my friends are getting extreme Korean addiction. seriously.
I used to be a Korean addict too, like... 2 years ago?? Funny story..
It started in my old hostel, when cutie pie Aisyah Cacah, showed me this Japanese movie 'Battle Royale'

The movie is all about
killing your friends, killing your teacher, killing your high school crush
blood, bomb, knife, riffle guns, headless body, cute boys, brutal girls..
damn.. wonder how I survived watching that movie..
like seriously, we all feel like 'floating around' after that - or is it just me??MyEm0.Com

Okayz, so i went home during the holidays
and I really wanted to show the movie to my sisters
and after searching and digging every part of the internet,
-yeah, illegal movie hunt, baby!-
Finally, I found the movie on,
a heaven for all those K-drama and K-movies addicts,
which I never knew about it before.
so, I watched the movie again with my sisters, and
yeah, have to go through all those

blood, bomb, screams, headless body, killings
ect ect.. again.

So, is that why I'm addicted to Korean? Nope!
actually after that, I browsed all the movies they have in Mysoju
just to find any good things to watch, and I found this;

~Attack on The Pin Up Boys~

The only reason why I watched this movie is because Super Junior is the main cast.
I didn't know who the heck is Suju at that time
but I thought if the movie has a popular Korean band in it,
it must be very funny and cute.
So, like usual, I dragged my fellow sisters to watch it with me.MyEm0.Com

So, the story was.. unexpected but still entertaining.
So, Super Junior Kim Kibum grabbed my attention
and I started looking for info's and stuff about him on the net
and it brought me back to
Super Junior.

Super Junior supposed to have only 13 members,
but in the picture above, Hee Chul and Kibum seems to duplicate themselves,
Idk why..lols

So, their catchy songs and their pretty faces seems to lure me to know more about them and...
voila'! I got myself a Korean addiction!
My addiction to SUJU at that moment also leads me to
love other boy bands like
Big Bang, SS501, DBSK,
Shinee, U-Kiss, 2PM
and lots and lots more,
since new groups emerged like every minute in Korea..

I also cause my sisters to have the same K-pop obsession,
they even learnt to speak and write in Korean MyEm0.Com

My roomate, -sorry Nazihah..kekekeke,-
at first was not very fond of K-pop like me,
she said she didn't prefer songs in language she couldn't understand.
I tried my best to drag her to like Korean songs, but it didn't seems to work~
so, in our room,
it's like two separated cultures existed.
Korean songs from my laptop
Malay songs from her laptop

Unfortunately, she also got that 'Korean addicted' virus
=EVEN more Extreme than mine.=
It all started when she watched that so-famous K-drama,

~BOys Over FloWers~

I think she really enjoyed this series.
She screamed, MyEm0.Com
she laughed,MyEm0.Com
she gasped,MyEm0.Com
she blushed,MyEm0.Com
she cried in joy,MyEm0.Com

like all through the 24-episodes.

and she's really, really, extremely, deeply, madly, crazily, deadly, dangerously,
in with SS501 hottie,

~Kim Hyun Joong~

and my other fellow friend, Mimi also got Korean sickness from watching the same drama
and she's also totally obsessed with other SS501 member, Kim Hyung Jun

She even bought a ticket to meet him on this 28th August. She's dead excited about it, it's written all over her Facebook wall. I could totally understand how she feels,
like when Tokio Hotel came to Malaysia,MyEm0.Com!!!

and my two Korean-addicted friends here have becoming a fluent Korean speaker
It has been hard for me to communicate with them lately.

Mimi: Dongseng-ah, unni just watch Hyung Jun oppa singing just now.. waa, soo cute!!
Nazihah: unni, dongseng love it also, saranghaeyo!!~
me: [.....] Ok, translation here? MyEm0.Com

and there's my old friend, who I haven't met since we left middle school
has become a Korean lover too
I remember her used to listen to ONLY English songs o_0
Now, even her name is spelled in Korean letters

and some of my juniors-boys- are so in love with SNSD aka Girl's Generation,

boy A : I love Yoona!
boy B : You take Yoona, but Sunny is mine!
boy C : What are you guys talking about?? Jessica is the best!
boy D : I love Gee and Oh!! I dance to the songs every night before I sleep!
me : (for God sake, don't you guys listen to My Chemical Romance or Linkin Park anymore??)

There's no reason to be freak out by this Korean Obsession. I totally understand how people can love K-pop so much; their songs are catchy, their dances are energetic, their MV's are fun, their looks are mesmerizing and so much more.

MyEm0.Com just... don't try to look like a 'Korean wannabe' so much..
remember, we are still Malaysian, people! ^^

i love Malaysian songs too!


matadore said...

lol seriously!

matadore said...

lol seriously!

xox Faiqah xox said...

hahaha.. hard to believe, but it's true!^^

hunnyhanani said...

agaknya aku sorg je kot yg memang tak kena virus ni..heuheuheu

xox Faiqah xox said...

Aiyoo.. sbb jati diri Melayu mu kuat lg kott..ahahaha

hunnyhanani said...

hahaha..ade kaitan ke?

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