Friday, August 13, 2010

Poppy, a story of baby bunny

Okay, let's just start with how I got a bunny in the first place.MyEm0.Com

So, a few months earlier, I went shopping with some friends (Ziha n Umi, to be specific) Well, I'm supposed to buy anything useful to bring to UK, like shoes, bags, shirts, knife ect, ect.
However, we walked past a
pet shop which.. something I should never do again in the future, forsho!
My heart blossomed like Rafflesia seeing the little animals.. soo cute and clever that
it wouldn't be
normal to NOT buy them..
(MyEm0.Comokay, that was crap!)
So, there was this little cutie bunny that I find oh-so adorable, MyEm0.Com
There's no way I would leave the shop without buying her!!

The price of this bunny is equal to a price of 6 hamsters, but I can afford it, as long as I don't buy other things.
So, without thinking so much,
(my mistake, I never think) I bought the baby bunny, and the shoes, the bag and the shirts that I SUPPOSED to buy? Well, it's called sacrifice and don't think my
mother would be mad at me for not buying those things, I mean, a bunny's life is much more precious than all those materialistic junks!MyEm0.Com

So, I managed to bring the bunny home without my friend's knowing it.
Amazingly, they didn't seem to be curious about the box I've been holding all the way back home.
MyEm0.ComBut they did ask what was in the box and I said it just a thing for my hamster, and they never asked anything again eventhough they did see a pack of rabbit's food beside the box.
Btw, our journey back home was rough, we missed the bus and we have to take a taxi, a bus and a taxi again.
I think the bunny is dying in the box at that moment.

At home...

So, my mum was pretty sure that I bought a pair of shoes when she saw the box and...imagine how surprised she was when a bunny pops ou
t! MyEm0.ComTADAAA!!

MyEm0.Com(geez..sound like a magic show)

so, everyone was a bit surprised but my mom seems to be okay with it - or was she just pretending to be okay...?

Actually, my mom loves animals as much as I do. But, at the moment we have two hamsters, a cat and a kitten to look after for and my sisters all busy with school and me leaving home in a few months so pretty much means that she's the one who will have to look after all o
ur pets..
so.. yeah, and me suddenly bringing home a bunny.. so not a good idea..

(mumbling mode)

oh, btw, I called her Poppy ^^ nothing special behind the name, I just dunno if she's a girl or a boy, and still not very sure until now, come on,,it's not as obvious as cats, ya' know what i mean- but just assume that she's a girl. So, 'Poppy' doesn't sound like girly or boyly.. just something in the 'middle'.. wait, what the heck is that supposed to mean?? well, we have other name for her like my lil sis called her Khushboo -like seriously? that is absolute HIDEOUS name for a living thing!
It took me days to find the right name, imagine if I have to choose a name for my first newborn baby... tough job!

This is Poppy, so cute so photogenic, she wins all the hearts of my Facebook's friends.. but guys, remember this is BABY Poppy.

How am I supposed to know that she's a baby?? the salesgirl in the petshop told me that this rabbit won't grow anymore. So, I assume that she's a small dwarf rabbit. Though it was weird that she's so soft, so kind, so quite.. like you know, babies normally.

and she peed like almost anywhere in our house, even on me! and she poops like she's a poo machine or what.. !MyEm0.Com I had to sweep my house billion times a day.. which wasn't supposed to be a bad thing actually.MyEm0.Com

when she was just a baby, she give no big troubles to us. But amazingly she grows up like crazy in just a month and cause a bit tiny winy.. 'chaos' in our house...MyEm0.Com

in the next post, I'll tell what exactly she did and how she looks like~ all grown up.


thank u 4 reading this babbling-twaddling-mumbling story

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