Sunday, December 11, 2011

B2ST concert.!......٩(●̮̮̃•)۶

I went to B2ST concert last Monday, yeah!^^. It has been almost a week, I know, but I've been busy lately and still should be busy now, but I really2 wanna put this story in my blog..hehe.

So, it all started when my friends found the tickets to United Cube concert in London, and they really wanna go even though both are actually a die-hard-fan of SS501. We actually planned to go to a bigger K-Pop concert in Paris, but after a second thought, Paris seems too far away to go -just to watch a concert... so we pick London, which is very very close to Portsmouth, ahhh I love Portsmouth for being really near to London, a place where everything fun happen^^.

......You know, I've sacrificed a LOT for this concert!

Tickets-which is quite pricey but then it's for 4 artist, B2ST, 4 Minute, G.NA, and Hyuna.. so, acceptable.
Lectures- We all have to skip 2 lectures to go to the concert and the next day, I was so tired I couldn't wake up and accidentally skip 3 lectures more! Arghhhh~ dang you B2ST!
We have to queue for around 2 hours outside in the super2 cold weather, I though my feet and my hands were about to crack opened, it was so cold!!
After we got in, we have to wait for another hour before those people started singing, and the concert was around 2 hours, so we was standing for the total of 5/6 hours that night, super tired!
As I've thought a concert would involved a lot of jumping and screaming (but I didn't do that, swear!), it's just people around me...I wish they could calm down and enjoy the concert politely without screaming like a 'banshee' and jumping like mad rabbits, I was so worried they would stepped on my feet and I would have to use lift for disabled to go to class tomorrow.
After coming back from the concert, my back and my neck and my legs and my ears and my kidneys (Idk why) and basically everything hurts.


 this is 4Minute? Yeah I think it is.

I'm not trying to be mean but these girls are...fat not as skinny as I thought they would be...
I guess it's all about clothes, lighting and camera angle that helps.
Trust me, they're not that skinny at all!!!

This is Hyuna? Idk.. I never listen to her songs anyway.

this is G.NA. I didn't know her before but she's nice and sings really well =)

B2ST! They put B2ST the

I noticed when it was time for B2ST to perform, the boys left the concert and the girls went to the front. lol, I think the boys can't stand the banshee screaming those crazy girls did..haha.

lol, Yusop...  I was actually shocked how rooound his face is. I mean he's so skinny but his face is like a melon, hahaha. But he sings real good.

omg, I swear Dongwoon is really good looking even in real life.
His nose.. I can spot them from 100m, but he really is good lookin.

the closing show.. =(

So... it was fun, a worthwhile experience. And my friends are very2 happy, so that what makes me happy too =). I think I'll enjoy the concert more if I'm still into K-Pop. I think the only reason I wanna go is B2ST. I'm not a big fan but their songs are really beautiful-Fiction is really beautiful and well made.. I love it.

And I really had to give a thumb up to B2ST, they really work very hard and gave the best performance possible. It's not easy to sing 5/6 songs (?) continuously... it was super tired, even for me whose just watching. no wonder those boys are skinny like hell. :S

k, gotta back to work... bye, hv a fab day everybody.

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