Friday, December 2, 2011


Few weeks ago I ordered two contact lens and paid extra money for it but I don't mind cuz I need them quick, so I can wear them bfore going to Disneyland. And they did arrived two days later and I was so happy, but as soon as I opened the package,,,,, wtf?? One grey lens and one green lens, you think I wanna look like a 'crocodile' or something?? So I wrote to them nicely.... "yo people, you gave me the wrong stuff, how stupid can you be!!!???"  nah... j.kidding... They asked me to take a pic of the lens, and I did. They asked me to wrap the package nicely and send it back, and I did. So due to their stupidity, I never got the chance to wear that contact lens to Disneyland, but it's okay, I'm not angry. Few days ago, they happily send me an email telling that I'm going to get my lens back, this time they've checked everything, and pretty damn sure I'm gonna be satisfied with them.  yeah, yeah, bla bla .. I still can't forgive you for making me walk to the post office just to send back your stupid green lens. And today as soon as I got back from class, there's a package waiting for me at my door, and I was so happy, after going through all trouble I got to wear a nice lens tomorrow... and happily open the package and to my great astonishment.. there's only one freaking lens in it. omygod are youkidding stupid can this people be... I paid for two lens and they send me back just one lens, now Im going to have one grey eyes and one black eyes. Goodness, I have to write to them AGAIN. This thing is going nowhere.....ahhh, I'm so pissed off!!!!!! ok night everyone.

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