Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter trip ~(╯▽╰)

Hey everyone wassup... I'll be leaving my room, my house and my city in a few hours to join FUIYO 2011 (Fun with iLuvislam's Youth Overseas) ....this time they do it in Devon, somewhere in South West of UK. I've never been to the south, so I'm all excited.. =)

Me and my housemates has lots of places to go this Winter... Manchester, Scotland .. ermm..and...erm..well, I can only remember a few but yeay, I know we're going to a lot of places this winter....hehehe.

and I know we have a lot of assignments to submit this winter too... yeay...  can I not do it? no I can't not do it.. =( I must do it. must do do do do...

So Bloggie dear, I'll leave you for like 4-5 days and have fun with my friends...hehe... hope you readers have fun this school holiday too...

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