Saturday, December 3, 2011

My eyes =(

I think I might need a new glasses soon... even though I just made a new one bfore coming back to UK, and I'm still using the same power since I'm 16! I thought the power wont increase anymore but now I'm not so sure ..wuuu.. this mybe due to not staring too much at trees or I'm staring too much at laptop screen or I think it's mainly because I dont have a good lighting in my room. They forgot to put a ceiling lamp in my bedroom (bad landlord) and all this time I just use a night lamp, and it's really not that bright enough.... I think the problem is my right eyes... I just realize this in Linda's class and I did an eye test while she's teaching....left eye, right eye, left, right, left, right and she must thought I was *wink *wink at her for some weird reason, lol.

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