Friday, December 2, 2011

It's a Girl thing...♥

When you're a girl and you're 21 years old, all you like to think about are these 2Ks, Kahwin and Kurus.. well, yeah I'm exaggerating but whenever I'm around my friends they will always talk about getting married and getting skinny.... like ALWAYS.

Okay... so the second K-Kurus.. I like it when people start caring for their weight and appearance.. soon I'll be surrounded by beautiful people, lol... but really, if you wanna loose weight, just go for it! Everybody has the right to start dieting and get their desirable figures... I mean now with the image of skinnny SNSD around, people wanna loose weight like crazy... I watched their videos just now and all I see is a bunch of stick girls dancing . erm.. but still, skinny-stick-like girls are the today's trend... sooo yeah.

But dieting is like the hardest thing ever!
It's amazing if someone can go dieting continuously... I mean whenever I try to diet it will just last for like.. 2

Okay, next K... Kahwin... you know I don't really like to talk much about this one. it's juz a waste of time... for me. Why would you want to get married early when you can only be single once?? It's the same thing as.... why do yo wanna grow up so fast when you can only be young once? I mean... when you married to someone, you're gonna stuck with that person for the rest of your life (hopefully) and it seems like a long long time, so you better enjoy your life as a single happy girl now, doing all the things you wanna do, free to fall in love with any cute boys out there.. hahaha.

But yeah I do jealous when he got a girlfriend now, or she got a boyfriend now...ahhh I want one too! I don't want a husband, I just want a boyfriend.. cuz I don't wanna carry so much responsibilities.. omg, this is so wrong, juz forget about it~ lol.

Sometimes I wish they sell cute boyfriends on e-Bay. I'll bid like crazy.

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