Saturday, December 10, 2011

I got dumped =,(

This morning, I was checking my live traffic and I found this;

note what the 'last' person was searching for....

why on eaarth are you Google-ing "What I have to do if suddenly I got dump Faiqah???"

or is your teacher ask you to do a research paper about ME?

FYI, I don't even have a boyfriend... but even so, I've been dumped so many time.. (haha) by my 'too-many-too-count' fake boyfriendsss...

but if people really search on internet what "Faiqah will do if she got 'dumped' ", I think I should give an answer.

I will....
  1. Search a sad love song on Youtube and cry. (saje cari background music utk ambik mood)
  2. Search cute boys picture on Google Image just to tell my heart, "theres still too many cute boys out there, so be HAPPY!"
  3. Play Zombie vs Plants.
  4. Grab a guitar and practice a song.
But since all my love stories are just something made up for fun by me, I'm not all sad and dramatic... I'll get over it after... like 2,3 hours or so, and just move on with my life. And since I have a very limited memory, I forget things easily, so.. I'm all cool after that, haha.


P/s: Lately I was thinking about stalking and being stalked. Cuz I've been posting quite personal posts about my feelings and stuff, I thought it would be perfectly safe to write evrything on my blog. Now I have to rethink about that. I'm fine with anyone reading my blogs. I just don't wanna that 'one particular person' to read my blog.

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