Sunday, December 18, 2011

United Cube Concert (again)~

Someone posted this link on Facebook and I'm quite excited because this vid tells in detail what happened in that concert.. and I was pretty shocked because I didnt know how extreme that concert actually is.. people crying, people fainting, people had to be carried out..I mean.. really? I was at that place too but I watched the show pretty peacefully,lol.

if you watched min 33-34 you can see my friends..;D

There are lots of cameras wondering around and I tried to avoid every single of them, cuz you know how many lectures I had to skip just for this.. so I really don't want any of my lecturers watch us on TV..hehe

Watching B2ST walking in the streets of London.. (yg ak dh pergi berbelas kali sejak dok UK)..makes me feel funny.

and yeah, K-pop is not a really big thing in UK. It's big but not as BIG as in Malaysia , that's why I can go to kpop concert in UK but never ever in Malaysia. Malas la kalau ramai2 sangat orang.. ok, peace!

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