Friday, December 3, 2010

25 Thingys??

Ditag oleh Selipar Jepun Biru aka Aina Nonoy~ tehee..

25 random thingsss about me: like anyone wants to know <=_=>

1. It took me 10 minutes to tell which is right and which is left. I'm very bad with directions. I can get lost very easily, never count on me to read the map.

2. I don't like Durian. I'm not being very 'mat salleh' here, but I just don't like it since baby.

3. I can still bear if humans are being cruel to humans, but not when humans being cruel to animals. It's totally unacceptable.

4. I love mi Maggi, cant live without it. And I love Coke very much I think I'm addicted but since I learn that it's not good for health, I quit 'Coke'ing and trust me, it's not that easy.

5. I like Spring and Autumn most, Summer is okay, but not Winter. I never like Winter even when I'm still a child cuz for me snow is plain and boring.

how many more? oh, 20 more to go!

6. I'm scared of balloons and rubber band, IDK, they're just dangerous I guess.

7. I'm afraid of height like hell, if I'm standing on the top of KL tower, I'm gonna jump off because I won't be able to stand right!

8. I am very very very bad in Mathematics like o my goodness. 2+4=what? banana?

9. Blogging is my guilty pleasure. I can still live without Facebook, but Blogger and Youtube are evil distracters!

10. I looove watching movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One movie that I regret not watching in cinema is Percy Jackson. But I don't like Harry Potter, though.

11. I listen to almost all kind of music as long as it sounds good. I listen to German music, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Philippines.. French sometimes~ and I just realized how it helps me a lot in studying linguistic!

Are u getting tired of me?? Still have a long way to go baby don't stop!

12. I think emo boys are cute, but never found one in UK, actually I do saw one in Portsmouth, I guesss maybe he went on the wrong train and found himself stranded in this normal boring town!

13. My dream guy would be someone who looks not too asian, nor too european, boyish but not girlish, childish but not too 'gay'ish... quiet but not too quiet, thin and has a nice legs.. someone who would spend hours to style his hair and have a pretty good sense of fashion but not too much metro-sexual kinda guy creeps me out!

14. I hate sleeping and I hate waking up.

15. I get hungry very easily but I also get full very quickly.

16. My dream is to have a pair of black wings on my back that would be totally wicked lol

17. I'm not as good at chatting and talking as I am at writing and typing.

18. Obsessed with vampires, emos, angels, Peter Pan, fairies, mystical creatures and being ironical.

19. I don't have so many friends because they like to run away if I neglect them for a second and I was like too tired and lazy to catch them back so yeah, just leave me if you feel like too.

20. I like to wear bright and light colorful stuff. Pink, yellow, baby blue, black is a must have colors, white is rare for me if its even considered a color.

21. I hate wearing bracelets and rings eventhough I really really want to actually.

22. I hate stupid, loud-mouth girls who love to brag about everything and think they are the most popular stuff and everyone loves talking about them but to tell ya' the truth, people don't actually give a damn about these bunch of monkey-brained girls.

23. I never care about money btw, there are so many things I would choose over money but I do realize its importance so I just being careful with money, I am not stingy or money-slave for God sake.

24. I get bored really easily. That's why I cannot collect things.

the last one!!! this got to be a really important!!

25. emm.... whoever marry me will be the luckiest person in the world!!....with conditions and terms apply.


☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃