Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hi..guys.. I just went back from Sheffield 2 days ago and my room is still a mess~!
Went there with Intan, Afza, Syud and Liyana to join PMS. PMS stands for Perhimpunan Musim Sejuk, not PreMenstrual Syndromes like what most people think okayy.

to conclude my journey it would be like this>>>>

Thurday night



walked to a train stationcatch a train to Londonarrived at London train stationgot on two different trains after thatgot on the last train to Sheffield arrived at Sheffield Train Station took a cab to Jamia Al Hudaa arrived at our destinationyay!



walks to Meadowhall Shopping Centre Boxing Day


last day of our programme backpacking took a cab to Sheffield Train Station wait for the train in the extreme coldnessthe train arrived arrived at London Train Station took another two trainsgot on the train to Portsmouth harbor arrived at Portsmouth at 1 am in the morning pheww

Sooo tired and I believe Intan fall sick afterward.. poor Intan.. I also has a little cold but I'm fighting to stay healthy, yep.


 Okay.. not so stunning scenery.. but that's exactly how the place looks like.. dark.. cold.. empty.. mysterious.. I feel like a zombie would pop out of nowhere and attack us..hahaha.. it does looks like 'an abandoned city' you would most likely found in scary movies.
We have so much fun, meet so nice people, so adventurous journey, so great new knowledge and so wonderful experience-I'll tell ya later if I have the time..but right now, I'm just feelin' ..tired.. again.. ahhh~i don't like it when i'm tired ...okayz..bubbye!

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