Monday, December 6, 2010

£40, OK, Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift? ♬ ♪ ♫~

 After doing my calculation, 
I find it's safe to spend about £40 on really, really fun thing 
other than clothes and food~
So, I thought about going to a concert or anything,,he he he
I got this idea after I found out that
Shahril went to Pixie Lott concert... wow~
but, I don't know who she is so I don't care that much..

So, I browsed through internet to find any shows
somewhere in London...
and guess what..
Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are going to be in London next March!!!
oh baby, baby, baby.. that's so cool!

 They are like the safest concerts I could go to.
Obviously cuz theres only gonna be children there.
I can try to arrange everything..
 I can skip one day class~
I can sleep in my kakak usrah's house
and tell her that I'm going to Justin Bieber's concert? nice plan.
But I obviously can't pick both.. (£40!!)
So, Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber???

Me or Him?

Of course I'm gonna pick Taylor, she's my sister! lol

this is a joke, a part of writer's fairytale,
you don't really think she's being serious here, do you?XD
but the concert things are real,
They are coming here next March!!

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