Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oh, my Agony.

It's not as easy as telling an anorexic to eat, (EAT)
 or a bulimic to stop spitting food..(STOP)

just like...

it's not easy for a lonely person to go out and make friends (FRIENDS)
to pick up a phone and make calls (TALK)

and it's just hard

It's just as
hard >>>>>>>
to make the lonely person thinks that < > not alone
that has lots of friends
that there are some people that actually likes < >

and < > could not get rid of this evil voices in < > head...
saying that < > wouldn't never make it..(NEVER)
that < > family abandon < > and left < > to live on own
< > is all alone in a place as empty as a desert...

 no one care no one care no one care no one care no one care no one care

< > good. riddance.

 sometimes don't can't want to understand  < > self.


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