Tuesday, December 7, 2010



This one looks like one of my hamster...


My hamster Yuuri used to do this a lot!

This could be so much fun!
He looks so much like my most beloved hamster.T_T

Baru baca post bakal adik ipar... 
tulis tribute utk hamster dia..
I must say I was so surprised looking at his hamster's photos.. 
wow..'comel' gila...(jahat la ak ni...he3)
comel atau kurang comel.. semua tuan hamster akan sayang hamster diorang sgt2..
I know how sad it is to loose your pet..

I remembered how regretted I am when my hamster died
did he lived a happy life?
did he knows how much I love him?
did he loves me too??
When you have a hamster (or other pet)
sometimes you would do anything just to make them happy,
that's why some pet owners are willing to sacrifice their money, time, efforts for their pet..
It may looks ridiculous or stupid for other people..but..

Maybe it's because, these people do not have a happy life,
that's why they always wanted their pet to be happy,
so, simply just looking your pet playing happily, will make you feel so happy as well
(this is not generally true, maybe it's just me..lol)

To Kiddo,
I know your 'sengal2 ubi' owner loves you so much,
he always talk about you in his FB,
sampai I igt 'kiddo' tu nama gelaran utk 'girlfriend' dia..
rupanya nama tikus... ooo...
Well, have a happy rest in heaven,
you'll live so so so so so much better there. =)

Ak confirm 90% budak tu mesti nangis time tulis post tu..
sebab ak pon nangis time tulis post ni..he he he

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CaraLov3 said...

ingt kn sedey sgt post nye
semangat ak nk bace
mcm la die syg sgt ngan si kiddo tuh
klu syg sgt, xdop doh kiddo jr.

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃