Friday, November 11, 2011


One fine morning, (I remember it was Hari Raya Korban day), nobody's home (╯3╰),, everyone was out without me, cuz I was too lazy to get up, (and it was SUNDAY!! my lazy, lazy day...(∩▂∩)

And I went down to the kitchen- to make tea,, and as soon as I opened one of the kitchen drawer....

uwAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,there's thief in our house!!!⊙_☉

Photo evidences:

 our maggi...T-T

my favorite green tea!!!

the suspect is none other than 

I was soooo mad, cuz this thing eat our; maggi Tomyam (1) ,  Mamee (2),  Mamee Bihun (1),  mee Ruski (2) , Maggi Curry (1), box of my Green Tea (1) =total 8 things. (!!!)

I was so upset.... specially when it ate my maggi Tomyam.. I mean, I try my hard to save it and only eat it on special days, .....because you cant find maggi Tomyam in UK!!! they dont sell it here!! 

wuwuuuuu~~ I hate you Ratatouille!! if i got you one day, I'll sell you on e-Bay!  >(»_«)<

okay, I'm not overacting. sy mmg hantu Maggi.hihi.

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