Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Yesterday was both crazzeey and sweet... ahhh.. where do I even begin?? Okay, First, I met Takeshi Oya again! In Park Building again! in the printing room, err.. again. Haha, now I know where to look for this guy,,,  he must like printing out papers so much--I don't, I'll only print out papers in really really desperate situation..hehe. WOW, it's really rare to stumbled on someone --who isn't in any of your classes--, like 3 times! Park Building is so large and busy, btw. This is not a coincidence, we. are. sooo. meant. for. each. other, lol, jk.

And he was walking and I was walking, and he was mad tall and I was painfully short and you know that thing when two people wanna walk pass by each other and you got almost collide with one another cuz you go left and he goes left, and you go right and he goes right... ok, embarrassing, I know... but this ALWAYS happen to me!. I guess when you're so short you can't really tell which direction the other person wants to walk. Luckily, this only last for 3 seconds and at the end, I go left and he goes right but he said "Sorry" as he passed me by... omg!!!! He spoke to me (again)!ahhh... I shall remember this date forever, lol.

But I think he's not really in a good shape.. looks so messy yesterday, unshaven and messy hair... wait, was that really him or was it a totally diffrent person...? But same height and same Superdry clothes... that boy MUST be Takeshi Oya, cuz my heart says so...hahaha. Okay end of part ONE.


I have a crazy dream last night. I dreamed I went to some place with my friends. It looks like a school for some reason, and I went and I saw Yusop, yeah Yusop from Beast. haha, I don't even know why I dreamed about him, like seriously, I barely know him. It's not like I'm a fan or anything,,, pfftttt... but I might be after this cuz he's so nice and cute in real-life, I mean in my dream-life. And in my dream I wanna play guitar and ask him to sing a song for me, and he was like, "okay, alright, let's jam together! =D" and suddenly he said, "Omo, omo,  I'm late! I'm late! I have to go to Narnia! See you laterr, byeee.... " What? What do you wanna do in Narnia?? And he said he wanna go audition for Edry KRU's company and I was like what?? Edry KRU? Are you kidding me ---is he in my dream too... And Yusop ran away and I followed him with my heavy guitar on my back, cuz I really want to hear him singing.. "oh no, you don't run away from me!" and I arrived at his room and to my surprise it's a hostel room filled with K-pop boys. What?? this doesn't make sense, I quit K-pop long time ago, lol. and I saw Dongwoon, also from Beast and he looks sorta jealous seeing me with Yusop. Hahaha, that's funny because I like Dongwoon best in Beast and well, I only know those two that's why the other members don't exist in my dream, lol.

So, that was a pretty short and pointless dream but because of Yusop and Dongwoon I woke up late for my Literature class, uwaaaa! I really don't wanna wake up... wanna keep dreaming.... at least until I got Yusop to sing to me, haha, okay I'll try again tonight. Nighty, nighty everyone...peace!

bye-bye I got to do the assignments ~

haaaa.... I can't believe these two dorks were actually in my dreams last night~~


liyana said...

faiqahhh~ takahito oya main guitar untuk Big Band university.aritu aku gi tengok orchestra and big band perform kat theater. adakah takeshi oya itu orang yg sama dgn takahito? takahito tu tinggi and kurus.

xox Faiqah xox said...

mybe! sbb x igt sgt nama dpn dia tp Oya tu mmg pasti..hehe, yep, dia kurus n sgt tinggi.. dia main gitar dlm band??? *pengsan kegembiraan*

liyana said...

hahaha~ sila jangan pengsan! nnt takda chance nak jumpa dia pulak. rajin2 la pergi print. :P
dia main gitar untuk band uni. hebat tu. hehe~

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃