Friday, November 11, 2011

Host Club?

Hey, juz a quick post b4 going to bed, hehe

I was lookin for something to watch on DramaCrazy (yeah2, you know this uber famous website) and stumbled upon this interesting documentary,, it's called The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief (2006) .. that's the real title, but on the webpage, it's written as 'Delete Me', idk why~

Soooo... basically the story is about urmm.. it's about... urm.. *uhuk male prostitute *uhuk.. yeah~ it's about 'Host Boys' in Japan... boys working in a club, serving drinks to girls~

This is a 'clean' movie, (no explicit contents at all, mind you) and it's not about giving tips on how to get girls or anything ...but it focus on how's life in big city like Tokyo really is. People have to do anything to get money, cuz in this world, money can buy anything, including love (The women work hard to get money just to go to this host club, cuz it's the only place where they can find temporary love, though it isn't a real one) I find it really depressing... and feels bad for some people in this story.

Then, a thought came crossing my mind.
Some of the boys working in the Host Club looks so attractive (well, they have too~ for their job)
and we can actually pay them to hang out with us!
idk, the idea seems to be .. ummm.. well, it seems to be.. tempting.. well, I mean..errr.. I didn't mean anything.. lol...urmm.. juz forget it.



CaraLov3 said...

uuuu.. nak pergi lah tu~

xox Faiqah xox said...

ada la trpikir-pikir jugak...hehehe

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃