Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Finally, I'm back at home again.. after almost a week in Devon for FUIYO and followed by another one week in Liverpool,Manchester and Scotland. It's a great journey. I like it so much.hehe.

 Why I really like this trip?

It's not a very fun and enjoyable trip.

There are so many problems along the way. At first we thought we wanna go skiing in Glasgow. But then it wasn't snowing yet. Then, we thought we wanna go try skiing indoor with fake snow, but then it would be too expensive and not worth the money. Then, we decided to go for ice skating. But, it was public holiday (New Year) and the place was closed, and I can say the whole city was closed on that day, lol. We were wondering in an empty and super cold city for that whole day, haha.

At last, we found a cinema and watch TWO movies in a row just to kill some time.Omg, I went to Scotland just to watch Puss in Boots and Sherlock Holmes, lol, epic!

I'm not sad or frustrated at all. But I'm just a lil bit sad watching my friends disappointed faces.

Again, why do I like this trip so much despite so many things went wrong?

I can't say for sure but I found 'something' in this journey.
 I realize this is not a journey to go sightseeing, having fun, taking pictures with friends,

this journey taught me about LIFE.

Berjalan bukan untuk melancong,
tapi berjalan untuk belajar tentang kehidupan.

I picked up 'something' while I travelled.
I wanna keep 'it' with me for the rest of my life.

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