Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year!! ^o^

Okay I'm 12 days late, but now I can finally sit down and think about 2011 and 2012 without worrying about freaking assignments or whatsoever.

On 1st January 2012, I was in Scotland with my friends and while everyone went out to party and celebrate New Year, we were all sleeping like a cow in our hostel room... (penat melancong..haha)

We arrived in Portsmouth on  2nd Jan and had to rush to finish all four assignments, which we need to submit in less than 10 days. okey, macam nak gila buat assignments tu. Dah la malas, satu hal, susah satu hal plak, masa dh semput pon satu hal. It's a miracle that I can finish all four in time. I thought I wanna pay someone to do my assignment but luckily I dont have that much money.. haha. Biasa lah bila esok dh nk hntar, satu hari tu boleh siap 3000 words essay, pergh.. power datang scara tiba2.. haha.

Rasa sedih and kelakar bila terkenang kembali saat2 kami satu rumah bertarung untuk siapkan assignments. Semua x kuar bilik. Satu rumah sunyi sepi cam xde org. Dapur pon sunyi-- tapi makanan tetap habis jugak.. xtau diorg turun makan masa bila, haha.. tapi memang susah nak jumpa lah.

I thought everyone is going crazy... lintas bilik Nazihah, dengar dia dok berkaraoke.. lintas bilik Mimi dengar dia dok practice line Sailormoon "Dengan kuasa bulan aku akan menghukummu! Yah!!" haha.. no.. Mimi usually watch Running Man, which I dont know what drama it is.

So, I have been so busy that I have no time to sit and reflect about my 2011.

I think 2011 have been a very awesome and memorable year for me.

In 2011, I've meet almost everyone I want to meet,

Went to Anime Convention and meet L Lawliet, Vic Mignogna, and all the rest of my fav anime character...

I went to Disneyland Paris and meet Peter Pan, and have a really wonderful Disney moment..

have a big trip around England and Scotland with my housemates!

Pergi Fuiyo 2011, and meet Ustaz Zamri and all my fellow friends from other uni and gather with all Malaysian students studying in UK. Best gila! feels like home.. that's why I never want to leave Fuiyo.. wuu.. =(

Pergi konsert BEAST and 4Minute, Hyuna, G.Na and see how good looking Dong Woon in real life, how round Yoseob's face is and how big all the K-pop girls' legs are.. haha.

the rest...Pergi kelas, buat assignments...Jalan sana, jalan sini... hmmm... biasa la students..

I love 2011.. 
 ....1001 memories..

I just hope the same goes to 2012..
maybe even better, insya-Allah =) kalau dipanjangkan lagi umur di dunia ni.. ^__^

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