Friday, January 20, 2012

Mei chan's Butler =◠◡◠=

A J-drama I've been watching currently after zzzillion years...

 I like it!!^^

Imagine having one super gud looking boy following you around, managing your life, help with school works, prepare your meals, iron your clothes, comb your hair, protect you from flying bugs, ect ect..

it's like having a personal slave assistant with you, how cool is that??! Omg, I want one! I think I need one.. my life is a total mess.. wuwuu.. for a person like so convenient to have a butler.. ahh~

Mei's butler.. *me burning with jealousy*

Mei and his butler *me explode with jealousy*

I think boys who watched this drama must feel very annoyed with the girls, lol =P

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