Tuesday, January 17, 2012

House story.

One day while I was in my room wasting time in front of my computer, I heard the doorbell rang,, and I heard Mimi ran to open the door, and I heard voices of men and women entering our house. Mimi ran to upstairs into my room and she opened my door to tell me, that those people came to take a tour of our house.

"Maybe the future tenant," that's what she said. But I find it weird cuz nobody had inform us anything.

I started to imagine wild thing like... Omg, those people are robbers! And there's only the two of us in the house cuz the others went to Spain...

I tried to listen to any suspicious sound but Mimi was silent and so are the people.
Omg!! they've tied her to the wall, and they are coming to get me next! whattodo whattodo??

So, I went downstairs slowly while carrying a plastic bag, inside the bag is a knife which I stole from the kitchen a few days back to peel my apples.. hehe.

And as soon as I reached the downstairs.. there was no one there. Omg, they kidnapped my friend!!

but nope, Mimi is still in her room watching Running Man.

Okay, I'm a drama queen, I don't really think those people are robbers, I'm just acting for fun. hehe.

"where are the people?"
" Oh, they just went to look at our kitchen and saw the big hole and just left hurriedly. I don't know why..."
*translated conversation*

Oh, you mean they saw this and left without saying a word?

no wonder.. they must have thought we keep a dinosaur or something in this house, lol.

Me: Cant wait to move out, yeah!

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