Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Crush is just a Crush...♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪

One day, I went to Kens to eat with my friends. And suddenly our eyes caught on something. It was our seniors, also went there to have lunch. (Omg, of all the people.. why??). I don't really care but my friend.. is so 'overacting'...

This 'senior' is actually the one that I used to have a big crush on since I'm in IPDA. He's my TESL senior and my class is just next to him.. so I used to take a peep when walking past his class-and always found him sleeping (erk). Everyday I'll wait for him to go to toilets (since the toilets are besides my class) to catch a glimpse of him. I don't know why he'll go to toilets so many times a day until my friend (which is a male)  told me that he went there to smoke. oh, I thought he just have a 'diarrhea' everyday.

He got so many 'negatives qualities' on him but I still adore him, I thought he's so cool. I like the fact that he's different from others. I like it when he's gonna be a teacher one day, but he can't even stay awake in a class, lol.

And above all, I like him cause he's cute. That's all, it's all about 'the looks' for me. well, isn't that the reason why we fall in love with a singer, actor, idols? It's not true love, it's a 'crush'.

So, I actually was a bit excited to come to UK cause I know I'll meet him again here- Our seniors went to UK a year early than us- but as soon as I came here, I found out that he already has a GF, so yeah. Not really broken-hearten as I kinda have expected it. Even if he's single, I don't think I have a chance, and in fact, don't really hope for a, not a big deal for me.

...Ok, so we continue back to my story where I eat at Kens with my friends,, hehe.

So, I was with my friends and he was also there with his girlfriend. And my friend keep teasing me, saying stuff like,

" Hai, romantiknya diorang.. makan berdua.." ,
"Faiqah, jgn kecewa.. sabar2.. hehe" and ect, ect..
expecting me to be all sad and heart-broken.. oh, please.
I was so annoyed cuz all I wanna do is eat my chicken in peace. And I literally said to her, " I don't give a f***, ok." lol, when I'm annoyed, you can tell. I was so mad cuz what was she's trying to do? Make me jealous of someone who doesn't have anything to do with me? Dude, I have my own life, k..

So, my close friends will probably know who this senior is. Yeah, I used to have a crush on him, but that was during my 'stupid-naive-girl' years.. where I like messing around with people. (zaman kanak2 riang) Now.. not anymore. In fact, I kinda hate the way he behaves right now.. I would rather wish he and his gf just get married now, since they're umm..'ridiculously close'. Kawin je la, senior.. please, take responsibility of your gf. I'll respect you more for that.

So, I don't know why I feel like writing about this. Maybe I'm just getting tired of my friends teasing me about him when I am so not into him anymore. Yeah, once in a while, I still mentions him and joke about him, but that's just it.

Crush is like a paper, when you like it, you'll keep it, once you don't like it, you throw it into a dustbin. Crushes normally don't last, only real love do. 

ok, so that's the end of story of my 'ex-crush'.
Psst.. secret.. I'm in love with someone right now.
I don't think this is a 'crush' since I don't like him at first.(though he's cute and nice)
but now I do? This is not a crush I think, cuz crush works the other way round.
so, is this true then? jeng jeng jeng.. just wait and see.. hihi


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