Tuesday, January 24, 2012


For me, waiting for my new timetable to come out is a very scary thing.

 My class timetable will decide:
...at what hour I should sleep at night, at what time I can wake up in the morning, when will I have my lunch/breakfast, can I go back home between the classes, do I have to pray outside of my home, with whom I'm going to walk to my classes..  -for the rest of semester.

it will controls a lot of aspects in my life.. even though it's just a .. 'timetable.'

And now... I have the worst timetable for this sem! T_T

i don't like it... all because I have to go to class at 9 am every morning..
I am not a morning person.. I like to take a long time to get ready..
and mmg confirm la pi kelas x mandi..hehe

well.. what I like about my new schedule is that.. I'll go to the class early and will mostly come back home early too. Not so many evening class.

and we don't have to go to a local school every week now.. yay!! I'm so happy cuz I'm so lazy to go to the school every week and sit with kids in classroom while watching their teacher teach. You can't imagine how boring it is.

stressnya.. malas~

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