Saturday, January 21, 2012


So.. all this time I believed that I can never ever be able to cook anything other than Maggi but now I can happily say I can cook chicken, fish, soup.. (all the normal human dishes..) hehe.. omg, I can't believe this! lol <--too happy for no reason.

Here in UK, I am being forced to cook once in a week...hihi.. But thank God for that or else I won't learned it forever.

I just wanna thank my friends for being very supportive and always there to help me.. =,)
even though I keep messing up and asked silly questions like:

 Me: Serai dalam bahasa Inggeris apa?
 Friend: x tau.. nape?
 Me: Macam mane rupa serai?
 Friend: Panjang.. hijau.. aishh~ *kawan plak jd stress..*

Me: (geledah2 peti sejuk...)

I remember being confused with these two...

Answer: ok, the right one is 'serai' (lemongrass) and the other one is leeks. 

since I don't know which one is one - at that time, I just put them both into my cooking. And it still taste 'normal' ehehe.

So cooking can be very hard and confusing and time consuming and ect ect..
but.. here's an easy tip on how to be good in cooking in just a blink of an eye;

just use.. 
yep, pretty much just Google any recipes you want and follow the instructions carefully.. ^^I mean, really2 carefully..

 Google: Potong kacang panjang sebanyak 3 cm dan masukkan ke dalam periuk...
  Me: hah, 3 cm? *lari ambik pembaris*

Well, basically everything is easier now.. (the power of internet~)
you have recipes in your hand.. you can cook like a boss.. hehe.

Wah.. I can't wait to go back and show my mum how good I am now in cooking...
boleh la i kahwin.. yippee~

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