Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Annoying teachers.

Can you remember your favorite teacher? Can you also remember, your 'least' favorite teacher? It's different for everyone, to say what kind of teachers they prefer. I don't like to say my 'least' favorite teacher is one bad teacher. No matter how bad the teacher was, s/he did taught me something. And I will forever appreciate it. 

It's a part of Malay culture to respect your teacher, to never have a bad impression on your teachers or else you're going to F.A.I.L, in a really grand way. Malaysian students are absolutely terrified with the 'F' word. So, they remember the 'pantang', never hate nor go against their teacher, though the teacher sometimes annoys the crap out of them. Well, at least I still believe in this stuff. =_= 
(But I guess this doesn't imply when your right and the teacher's wrong??)

All my life, I've been taught by strict teachers. Soft but strict. Funny but strict. Easy-going but strict. 

Can I just say that the teachers in Malaysia is so much lucky compared to teachers in UK??

When I was in IPDA, there's this one lecturer, she's so nice. It's really amazing how she treats her students as if they were her friends. I remember when I was walking down the hallway and met her, I was about to say 'Assala...' and she's like, 'Hi!!!' *waving-waving hands*...erkkk... what a bubbly lecturer.. I like!

Although this kind of  teachers is extremely rare in Malaysian school....little did I know that 90% of teachers in UK has the same attitude as her.

Teachers in UK put themselves in the same level as their students. They don't expect them to behave like a grown-up, but in contrary, the teachers themselves, behave like teenagers. Now, how cool is that???
Schools in UK is tough for teachers. With all the policies and strict rules- No touch policy, No shouting policy, No humiliating-in front-of the class policy, what can you do when the students were rude towards you?? Nada.

Students in UK is also tough with capital T. They know their rights, they know the laws, they know they are customers and teachers are workers. So, workers must bear with customer's nuisance.

Teachers in UK:
  • Work hard to make the lesson interesting. Dance, sing, make a complete fool of themselves for the sake of their students.
Teachers in Malaysia: 
  • Never change his/her style of teaching no matter how boring it is, never care to make the lesson interesting or put a bit of enthusiasm to make it more lively. Then got angry at students, "Low marks! Why you didn't pay attentions when I teach!?"
 Teachers in UK:
  • I have a fight with my husband, my daughter is dating an old man, my dog is not cute at all! argghhh..my life is a mess!!! *Went to class, still teaching like she's the happiest person in the world.
     Teachers in Malaysia:
    • My husband said I have ugly eyebrow!! Arghhh,, it's the end of the world for me!!! I hate you, I hate everyone!!!! *went to class and started to shout at everyone like mad.

    Just a fun comparison, I'm not saying all teachers in Malaysia are psycho, and not all teachers in UK are awesome. But just see how different the attitude is. Can I just highlight my point here? It's all about being professional, people! This is something most Malaysian teachers lack off. You don't let your emotion take over you at works, you don't care about yourself and your damn personal problems, but focus on students and school!

    Teachers/lecturers in UK won't want to mess up with their students, cause we can file a complaint and they are sooo going to be in trouble. While in Malaysia, students who want to complain will get a good slap on their face instead of a help. Fantastic, so 'professional'.

    I would write more about 'teaching professionalism' after this, thanks to all the school placements and visits, I can spot the huge differences between schools in UK and Malaysia.

    This is just a quick respond towards Miss Caralove story, I'm so disappointed with what happened. My advice: just ignore the teacher. You've done what you can do. It's up to her to forgive you and move on or just stay sulking like a 5 year old girl. Some teachers are just sooo oversensitive..shesssh~


    CaraLov3 said...

    damn true
    life is hard when some ppl take things wayyyy to personal =.=
    it wasnt the first tyme
    bnyak kali jugak la
    theres once when we were released a bit late from the class before, n we ran with all our might, n when we reached her class, shes already there.. and all of us got punished, standing for almost half an hour maybe.. and it wasnt our fault at all

    xox Faiqah xox said...

    nk wat cmne sabo je la... mu wat muko selamber jer.. bia die jer yg saket hati sorang2..ha3

    ☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃