Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mom, can I keep 'em?

Because I haven't touched any animals for the past 7 months, I started to feel a lil bit crazzy and dead inside (exaggerating). I want to have a pet!!!!!!! But I can't, 'cause they won't allow any animals in the hall. Oi, don't you know I need a pet for a health reason? Owning a pet can be a good stress therapy. If you're lonely, you can talk to your pets; if you're mad, you can kick your pets (no,no,no, just kidding!).
I like to browse websites-pets for sale-:

1. Ponny

I really want a ponny. I like this one.
 So cute!!!
the price.... £ 1500.00!
I can buy 5 iPads with that money!!
mm..What will my mom say if I tell her I want a horse?

2. A guinea pig

So cute!!!!!!!
And NO, guinea pig (regardless of its name) is not from a pig family. Whoever says, "You can't touch guinea pig because it's a pig...bla2.." just give a good smack on their head, thank you.
I really, really want a Guinea Pig! It's bigger than hamster but smaller than rabbits.
Will my mom let me have one?
Guinea pig loves to talk, so it's a bit noisy..hehehehe

3. Hedgehog

omg!!!!! Isn't it the 'kawaiiii-est' thing you ever seen??
I want one, I want one! ^^
Looked at the price, £100 each. *gulp*
and looked at what it eats..
 peanuts and fruits mixed with dried worms...mmm...*vomit*

Sonic is a hedgehog!

I'm so bored,
I want a pet.


CaraLov3 said...

omg Hedgehog

xox Faiqah xox said...

comel kottt.....!

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃