Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Methodology sucks!

 *Caution: Nagging mood*

I always have a complicated relationship with this, new subject. I mean, when I first heard 'Methodology class', the first thing that came popping into my mind was, "Are we gonna learn how to operate dead bodies or something?" cuz it sounds sooo laboratory-ish and scientist-ish and medical-ish.. okay, you get the point. But it turns out to be, just a class where we learn how to teach children . Okay.... not a big deal. The subject is interesting and the lecturer is cool, but the students is a pain to get through.

In this class, half of the students are Malaysian and half are local students (British) and some minorities; students from Korea, Colombia and one more I-don't-know country. It seems like we got some advantage here, hey, we make up half of the class population, we are in a comfort zone! But after what happened today, I'm officially getting tired of having to work together with those 'little blonde, blue eyed babies', o my God!!!

Our lecturer, Leslie looves to 'mix and match' us around and her biggest dream is to see us, Asian and Caucasian, to work together in harmony and peace. Well, I, too want nothing more than the world peace but, please, please, please, it ain't gonna work out if they still behave the same.

Yes, you're clever, I am dumb. duh~

First task,
 I worked with the Korean girl. She's having soo much difficulty to speak in English. I totally understand her situation, just been in UK for a month, she needs a lot of support to communicate in English. I mean, I've been here for 6 months and still rubbish when it comes to talking- so, we help each other; talked in broken English, no big deal. I wish I could be a better helper next time, I'm not that good myself =(.

Second task,
We shuffled again~ and this time a 'mat salleh' girl sat besides me. We're supposed to do a role play where I am a Movie Star who just won an Oscar award and she's an interviewer. She came, sat besides me, and looked at me like a total idiot.  
Erm.. aren't you going to ask something? "I don't know what to ask, I don't have questions.." -still looking like a total idiot-  
I think we should start now?? " What should I do? o right, ask questions, but I don't have questions *peeks at my notebook* o yes, my question; how are you feeling?"
Just like that??? Aren't you gonna do this the right way; introduce yourself, state your purpose, ect~ and don't steal my answers! 
And she just said another sentence and two and stopped, took out her cellphone and started playing  with it. Omg.. I starting to feel all smokey and hot inside me.. well, neva mind~

The third task,
We were ask to do, sort of, a debate. So, we were each given a character, and one of us has to be sacrificed, well..kind off, and we have to defend ourselves why we should stay alive. I know my character is the weakest one, (I'm a Doctor) and most likely to be sacrificed, but, seriously, can we actually do this the right way?? This time, I'm in a group of 4, me, Liyana and 2 other UK students. They came, sat besides us, and decide right away that they're gonna kill the two of us. Wait, I thought just choose one character..? "Okay, so I think it'll be the Doctor, it's the most useless character." END of story.
I was about to say something, to defend my life; when she said, "Wow, that was quick." turn to the boy, "Hey, what happened to your finger? How did you hurt yourself..blah, blah, blah,,,"
while me and Liyana looked at each other, completely (=_=').
Yeah2x, I got it, this game is stoopid and you ain't interested.

The fourth task,
The last couple of activities, I finally pair up with someone that I can work with and have the most fun while giving a productive outcome, Hayat. Before she came to me, there was this other 'mat salleh' girl who give an eye contact to me -Can I work with you?- Oh, hell NO! And I quickly call Hayat to sit besides me.
At last! Eventhough we're both Malaysian, but I used English the most with her. And she's really serious in doing the work, eventhough it's just a silly same thing; -(If your plane crashed and you're stranded in the dessert. What should you do?)- thank you, Hayat, you made my day^^


Yep, maybe you guys are much, much clever than us, I mean, you don't even have to learn to speak English, you're a genius already. But, please, please, consider about us! Don't be such a freaking lazy to do what you're supposed to do.
Help us, we need as much practice as possible to speak fluent English. And pity your lecturer la... she works so hard to keep us interested. Me and my friends have lectures since 9 am to 1 pm non-stop, we're just as tired, sleepy and starving as you, but we still try giving our best in class~ come on la...


FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

gambateh sis

agak menarik post nie :) hihi

liyana said...

hahaha~ i think i knew which minah salleh yg main henset tu. b4 that ak pair dgn dy. masyaAllah..geram btol. asyik belek henset aje. then bila tny..bg jwpn yg sama je 'i don't know'. seryes menyesal wat keje dgn dy. btw..bdk pmpn yg 'kill' ur character tu mmg kurg ajar dgn lecturer. dr last sem lg. dy mmg suka dominate klu buat group work. kita mmg xleh ckp apa2. benci btol.

xox Faiqah xox said...

Husna: alahai.. thanks sudi baca post membebel yg pnjg gila ni... time menaip x sdar pon, syok hentam org nih..he3

Lily: ha3, ak x kisah dia nk main henset pon, tp settle kanlah keja tu dulu.. ni x mau berpikir lgsung! Kalo duduk sama2 geng dia, apa yg diorg buat ntah~

Yg chinese UK tu yg kill ak. x bg peluang kt org nk bercakap pon. dah la dia dok byk cakap bnda2 x berpaedah.. adoii~ aii mmg bengang x tau nk kata la...

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃