Friday, March 18, 2011

Oxford ist Über AWESOME! ღ

Some of my favorite pictures!

Went to Oxford last weekend with my friends and other international students..
I LOVE Oxford!
Such a lovely and interesting place~!!
But we only have half a day to explore and it wasn't enough =(
There's so many place we planned to go but due to our lack of 'map reading skill'..he3..
[and plus with Faiqah who can't even tell 'right' or 'left']
We took quite a time just to figure out the roads, the directions and stuff
 But it's still one AWESOME trip!

I was really looking forward to visit the places;
where they shoot some of Harry Potter's movie scenes in Oxford
[Some of my friends managed to find the place, lucky!]
It would be really cool,
but we can't seem to spot the place
Well, never mind.  
the whole Oxford seems like a 'magical' place for me

Definitely would ❤ to go there again!!!

err.. not really a fan actually...

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