Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bloody Sweets.

Yesterday, when I went out with my friends, we stumbled upon a very pretty English candy shop.Usually, it will be pointless to wander around candy shops in UK because most of the candies (no matter how lovely and yummy it looks) will normally contains 'porky-porky'~ so, it's not like we can buy it, why bother going in?
But Mimi cannot resist the sight of giant Lollipop displayed on the shop  window, so, we all went in to take a look. I absolutely adore candy shops!!! all the colorful, sweet, sugary, calories and fatty acid make me happy for no reason! ahhh... a rainbow colored lollies wrapped with clear, sparkling plastic are soo gorgeous!
Then, I spotted a shelf full of candy jars .Wow, this looks 'expensive' and 'exclusive'. I think if I bring one home, the people in Malaysia would be happy to see this, lol. I checked the ingredients and surprisingly, no piggy! so I just bought it.

Back at my room...

Well, I do intended to keep the sweets and give it to my family as a souvenir... but I think I ought to give a try first, emm.. just to make sure it tastes okay.. so without wasting time, I took one and popped it into my mouth. It tastes soooo . A few minutes later... I started to notice a weird taste in my mouth. Mmm.. why is this?? salty... then, I looked at my mirror to see if my tongue has changed its color- (I love doing this, eat a blue and yellow candies and you get a green tongue..nah~) and I saw my tongue was red in color. Not like a normal red, but red with blood. Omg, my tongue is bleeding like craazy!

No wonder la the salty taste, bluekk~ I was tasting my own blood.. as nasty as it sounds...

It does bleed but after I wipe it off, the blood is all gone. I wonder why I got a bleeding tongue just from eating a candy. Is this a punishment from God because I 'curi2 makan'? or because the candy itself is dangerous??

I asked Google (lol, who else to ask?) and find out that, tongue has numerous blood vessels so it can bleed for some reasons. In my case, most probably, the candy is sour and got sharp edges, I was sucking it too violently, it was scrapping against my tongue, and voila! I turned into a vampire.

Actually, it does make sense. I haven't eat a hard-boiled candy for ages! All I eat here are 'soft' chocolates; Cadbury, KitKat, Kinder Bueno ect, ect. No wonder la my tongue gets so vulnerable. And I do 'lose blood' more here than I did in Malaysia; my nose bleeds occasionally when I blow it, my gum bleed each time I brush my teeth. It's because of the extremely cold weather, I guess.
Oh well, I'm still gonna bring it home and force ask my sisters to taste it. It's delicious! rugilah kalau x makan..And plus, it's quite expensive - 3 pound for a jar of candies- there's no need to waste money, okay.

P/s: But if they too have bleeding tongue after eating them, I have no idea why.
We'll all become anaemic after this, lol


CaraLov3 said...

patutlah titlenye : bloody sweets =.=

great ! lets bleed together *yuck~*

xox Faiqah xox said...

habih mu igt apa.. ak ngamuk kt coklat ke?? ha3

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃