Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crazy Clock!

I want my 1 hour back!!

It's 'that' time of the year again...

In UK, clocks and watches are changed by one hour, twice a year.
It's mean that the clocks here move backwards and forward depending on the seasons.

On Sunday last October, the clocks moved backwards by 1 hour. Apparently, I'm the only person in this country who didn't know anything about the time change, so I went to class at 10 am and wondered why there's no one in the class nor even the lecturer was there. I went down and saw the clock in Park Building. It was 9 in the morning. 9 in the morning???? I took out my phone and it showed 10 in the morning. At that time, I only have 2 things in my mind; - I woke up in a different dimension or a UFO passed by and messed up the earth clocks. But none of those two make any sense. I wasn't bothered to find the answer at that time 'cause I was so sad thinking that; why did I went to the class an hour early, when I can use that time to sleep! T_T

Only later that day I found out about this whole 'clock change'. Why didn't anyone told me about it before??

Faiqah: Hey, why do you change your clocks?

UKWe've been changing our clocks forwards and backwards since 1916. It's all to do with saving the hours of daylight, and was started by a man called William Willett, a London builder. Willett had noticed that the summer mornings light was wasted while people slept (???), and that the time would be better utilised in the afternoon by putting the clocks forward. After campaigning for years the British Government finally adopted the system a year after Willett's death.

And today, on the last Sunday of March, the clock changed again! and it's an hour forward. I woke up and looked at the time on my phone (my stupid phone didn't pick the change up) and it's 11.45 am but the truth is it's already 12.45 am! I've lost an hour today, lol.

This whole time change is so confusing and driving me crazzyy...

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