Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sleepy and Grumpy

No, this is not about Sleepy and Grumpy, the two little dwarfs in Snow White.

I haven't got enough sleep since my visit to Birmingham last weekend. Well, I think I should have fairly enough sleep by now, but I don't know why am I keep feeling soo tired and sleepy. Time seems to be moving at the speed of turbo car, sooo fast! I have trouble catching up and I don't like chasing so much.
I think I have lots of work to do at the moment...Eh, what am I talking about?? Of course I have lots of works to do, duh! Aiiish~ One thing that worries me is I don't know how to start working...
(ready, steady...arghh, stuck!).
Everything seems so confuzing... One thing about me:  I rather do 10 pages of super easy questions than 1/2 page of super hard questions. I don't mind doing buckets of assignments and tasks, as long as I know how to do it. (Well, if I actually pay more attention in class, I should know how to do it).

On last Monday, I skipped class for the first time (for this semester).  He he he. 'Cause I was super tired after coming back from Birm. Monday, my class only finished at 6 pm, pretty late. So, usually I'll sleep late at that night because I'll be doing some works. And I just about to go to sleep at 1 am and my corridor mates starting to go 'banana and chimpanzee' and making super loud annoying-as-hell noises that I decided to stay up and read story books until 6 am. I probably slept just like an hour or so! Imagine how terrible it is if you can't get to sleep and you have classes at 9 am the next day. I went to class and feel as if I'm floating in the air, I am soo dizzy! and that explains why I was so mad and grumpy during my Methodology lesson. And on that night, I was watching a really sad video on Youtube and I was crying so much. So, I went to the class with swollen eyes and dark circles (omg, am I not looking like a cute Racoon ?? He3x. seriously). And I was sleepy+dizzy+hungry+cold and some people in that class  were acting like crap at me. I am so mad. Yes, I do.

After class, I went to shop alone cuz I need to buy some stuff. I went back to my room, exhausted and fall asleep but, once again, my corridor mates transformed into 'baboons and monkeys' and barking around the hallway. omg, you animals keep making noises day and night,
when will I be able to sleep??!!

I woke up with sore throat and runny nose, oh no, am I getting a cold?? I need to go for my school visit the next day and I don't want to get sick. I tried to sleep early that night, but ended up sleeping at 1 am, like always. And suddenly, there was the annoying noise again. This time it's the fire alarm(!?). Fire alarm at 3 in the morning. Oh, wow, how lovely. Of course I didn't get up nor get out. I don't care la.. terbakar pon terbakar la.. I don't know how many fire alarms have I got since living in Harry Law, could be 50 times already.. aiyoo.. are you guys trying to make a world record or something???

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