Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wet blankie.

Usually, I don't give a  fk... but I just need to say I really despise the 'wet blanket' species.
 You know what wet blanket means right....? 

It means someone who is generally in a negative frame of mind, sulks and ruins other peoples' fun.

Someone who likes to annoy other people just because s/he is in a bad mood or being forced to do something s/he doesn't like.

Imagine if you're having a group work on that day, 
you went out on a sunny, bright day,

feeling so happy and excited

You want to give your best
for the sake of other people and yourself.
and then,

You saw this face.
"the annoying, 'I-don't-give-a-hell-at-what-you're-all-doing' face"

And s/he messed up that whole day,
making faces at other people,
to show how 'uninterested' and how 'forced' s/he is

Grow Up.

If you're really having a bad day.
I won't mind so much.

But everytime I need to work with you,
and you just keep being a wet blanket,
I think I have the right to feel angry, I suppose. 

And you'll just kill other people's mood with that 
so-immature behavior,

  good job!^^

Like I said, I usually don't give a f k,
 but some people just don't know 
how to put their personal feelings and problems aside.
and this annoys me.
cuz it's unfair for other people,
you're not feeling happy, you hate the work, you don't like me,
who gives the damn care?
Be professional!
Thank you,
I love you =)

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