Thursday, September 16, 2010

Harry Law hall : comfortable and creepy...

Hi, wazzup..

so, I've wrote about Harry Law before and was hoping that it was as nice as it looked on the web and the booklet. It was like quite near to the town center where they have shops and malls (good thing!). So, my room is no. 222 and I was hoping that it would be near to Kas and Chitra's. But, it's NOT. it's actually quite farther than them and there's like 2 more 'lanes' to get to my room. It's actually really weird because I was like this, searching for my room;
no.220, 221.. ah, dah dekat.. 223.. eh?? mana no.222?? bleh plak dia main skip2!

so, I walked and walked and finally found it. and the room number on my door is just written down with pen. sedih betul..

haha! really funny.

Forget about that, it wasn't that bad, because my room is really nice!

of course it wasn't perfect and new, and the stains of chewing gum and burn mark on the carpet is really bugging me!

well, whatever. Actually, compared to my other friend's room, Chitra, Kas and Rhema, mine is much bigger. I don't know how small their rooms are because I haven't visited them yet, but Kas and Chitra memang terkejut badak' when they came over to my room. They said their bathroom is so small, they can't even stretched their arms. So, I guess I'm pretty lucky to have spacious room with the same rent.

I took like almost a day to unpack my stuff cause I was dead tired on the first day we arrived. but I need to at least get the bed done or I will freezing during the night.
So, this is the pictures that I snapped after the make over.. haha!

ahh.. my luxurious bed..

my messy table..

through my window


spacious right??and that's my lil periuk nasi..hahaha

yep, it isn't as big as my room in IPDA but at least it's big enough for me cuz I'm staying alone. And speaking of staying alone, yep, I'm as lonely as I can be. I think I'm the only living breathing thing in my room. There are no sign of other living organism in here, no sight of ants, flies, mosquitoes, bugs or spiders.. I don't know where all these lil creatures live in UK, but eversince I got here, I memang x nampak batang hidung semut seekor pon.. and since the Malaysian students registered earlier than other students, we are the only people living in the hall, most halls are currently empty. and same thing goes to Harry Law. I only saw a shadow of a few people and they're gone, and saw a few people again and gone.. sometimes I heard voices but didn't saw anybody. Ehem, ni bukan kes hall berhantu okay! it's just a big place with few people, that's why I hardly saw anybody living in the hall accept my friends.

Nazihah has came over to my room yesterday and also said that it was big and pretty nice. And this evening, I got a visit from Zahidah, Dayah and Mira and they also say that the room is big and nice. So, yeah, I'm basically very happy with this Room 222!

But when Mira suggests that I change my hall, I was like, what?? why? and she said that it was too dangerous for me to stay here alone cuz it was a corridor-style building and anyone can come and knock on my door. And sometimes I do forget to lock my door and yep, I believe the part that anyone can come and knock on my door, or worst, just open it! like what I've experienced yesterday; when a telephone worker, suka2 tok nenek dia je bukak pintu bilik ak.. terkezut I! nasib baik masa tu dah lengkap pakai tudung..huh!

And my other friends stay in other part of the hall and I'm tooo scared to even go out of my room! btul.. I never went out of my room except to go to the shop or to register things. So, when I stepped out of my room, I'll go straight to the main door exit. I never just casually go out and jalan2 inside my hall, no way, it's too creepy!


It's creepy because it's empty and even when it's not, I'm still scared of meeting other people, especially mat2 salleh tu.. so, I cook in my room and so far, there's no cases of fire burning or rice cooker explosion, thank you. I heard that other students will register in their hall tomorrow. so, things will be a lot different after this. It will be soo noisy! right now maybe I couldn't stand the quiteness but I guess I'll missed it when other residents start to get out of 'control'. Yep, there'll be parties, loud people, drunk guys and.. let's not hope for the worse, okay?

the first picture of 'Harry' that I took this morning..

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