Friday, September 3, 2010

Thank you.. woowOoo...(T_T)

How are you?
Hahaha.. I just having a really
emotional days lately...
but not because of something bad happened
no no no

it's actually because of these things...

When I need to pay
almost RM1000 for visa,
someone kindly donate RM2000 for me,
but asked for it to be a secret.
so only my mum and I
know about it.
Thank you so much,
I won't forget your kindness.

and recently,
I met my Ustazah
who used to teach me when I was in standard 5
she's happy that I'm going to study abroad.
she even gives me some money
and she also tell the other teacher
who used to be my homeroom teacher
when I was in standard 4
she's also very happy and also
asked Ustazah to give me some pocket money
but what
really matters to me is that
they still remember me
I am so-unpopular student
back in school, lol
I love you, teachers
Thank you so much,
I won't forget your kindness.

And just now,
my favorite aunt and her family
came over and even bought me a trench coat

very similar like in the picture
only prettier, lol
I love it so much
thank you
I'm gonna wear it in UK
as much as I can,lol
and I also showed them pictures of my hall and my room
from the university websites
and they say that it's so beautiful
but they were so worry that
I have no money left after paying the rent
hahaha.. don't worry,
you guys have been giving me so much support
from the moment I registered in IPDA
Thank you so much,
I won't forget your kindness.

and also to those
who have been giving so much help
giving me advices,
helping me to prepare,
and even listen to me
talking about
to those who pray for my safety
to those who wish me luck
to those who feel happy for me
to those who share my excitement
Thank you so much,
I won't forget your kindness.

and especially to my mother
who becomes the only reason
why I choose this destiny
and when the times finally come
she expressed her concern
shouldn't have let me do this
cuz I'm a just a little girl
who knows nothing about the real world

I'm just a little girl
who never leaves home
I'm just a girl who still
depends a lot on her
I'm just a girl who has too much to learn
and I'm just a girl that
mummy must let go one day

I know you worried about me,
but believe me,
If I stumble when I walk,
I'll get back on my feet and started running!
everything that I go through
will only make me stronger
so don't worry, =)

Thanks for showing so much care
I won't forget your kindness,
only God can repay you.

Love and kindness are never wasted.
They always make a difference.
They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.

~Barbara de Angelis~

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