Saturday, September 18, 2010

Poppy, I'll love you forever...

This is the first time I shed tears in UK. And it is for my one and only bunny. Poppy..
I've only being with you for 3 months and yet, you give me so much happiness that i could never imagine. I'm the one that bought you, so I consider myself as your owner, though you belong to each one of us. Buying and bringing you home, through a very adventurous, long journey.. I still feeling guilty for making you go through that, you must be very exhausted and thirsty back then. Back at home, you steal everybody's heart with your cuteness. All my friends are jealous of me because I have the cutest little bunny in the world!

Poppy loves being outside under the sun..

and I remember her first 'binky', -a rabbit's little jump when they're happy- It's so cute and I know that she's happy eventhough she can't smile or laugh. eversince that, she did binky every night, she's so happy when some of us stays late at night cause she thought we wanted to play with her.

Poppy is very playful, active and naughty. but, how could you blame her? when she bites our hands after a day she arrived, we all thought that she didn't like us. But, i search through the internet and find out that rabbit nips to say,
"I love you".. aww Poppy...

but Poppy could be such a pain too,
she likes to bite wires and almost everything in our home,
as far as I know, things that she had destroyed

computer mouse (2)
internet cable (1)
books (countless)
papers (countless)
my pillow case (2 or 3)
mine and my sister's glasses (2)
headphones (4)
fan (almost)
our front door (almost)
our hairs (yep)

well, it's our fault, it's not you fault, Poppy.
we don't have a proper place for you,
when you're smaller, we locked you in a cage
but you're too big for it now.
we let you running free in our house
that's why you bites everything you found.

Memories of Poppy with my hamster..
I don't know if my hamster can live long enough until i could go back home

Poppy, I remember putting you on my lap..
I remember when you stares into my eyes
and I'll be guessing, were you thinking about me?
I love lying down besides you
and see your cute little mouth

I love when you comes to me and knew that you're asking for food
I love when you wait in front of the door to tell us that you're ready to go out
I love when you bite me because then I know that you loves me
I love when you does binky cause that mean you're happy
I love when you jump onto my bed and wake me up in the morning
I love when you'll be the first to greet us when we come back home
I love when we all have to keep our things on high places,
like we have a little naughty baby in our house.
Hey, I just love love love having you in my life

but when I have to leave you
I know that we might couldn't see each other again
When I called my mom this morning and she told me that she'll give you away,
my heart broke to thousand pieces
guess I never see you when I make a video call after this..

i understand that there's no one to take care of you
me and my sisters are away for school
and my mother is busy with her chores..
I guess, this is the best thing for everyone.

I heard that the new family have a big cage for you.
good. at least you have your own room now, Poppy.
they better take a good care of you.
they better love you as much as I do
cause if they don't,
I'll pray the worst thing for them.

Hey little angel,
I remember the last days I spend at home
I took you outside
You haven't being playing on the grass for quite a while
and I saw you running so freely
and you jumped around me
and you ran when I tried to catch you
never saw you being so happy
it's true when they say,
nothing cheers rabbit more than running free in the wild

hey, little angel,
that's one of my sweetest memory of home
that I bring with me to UK
I regretted not having a camera at that moment
so that I could take a video of you
and watched it over and over and over again

hey little angel,
how to tell you that I have to leave you
for a long time?
How to tell you that I'll always remember you even when
I'm not around?
and will you remember me too?
will you ever know that I love you?

hey little angel
I do love you
very very much
I just hope you know that

good times with you.


momo chan love hyunie said...

super cute! inspire me to have one.. :)

xox Faiqah xox said...

Hi there! yep, bunnies are actually very playful and clever, they make a great pet. hope u'll get one soon! =)

CaraLov3 said...

this post makes me wanna cry too
damn miss poppy
first balik, a lil bunny showed up depan pintu
sec balik, bapak bunny showed up depan pntu
she grows up very quick
but still cute n sweet

xox Faiqah xox said...

hahha.. it's sokay...
still bleh melawat dia lagi bila ak balik esk2..hihi

☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃