Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lesson of life...

After ten days living in UK.
Have I learned anything??
You 'betcha!

I learn to walk as fast as I could, especially in crowded place,
I learn to never stop in the middle of the road and block other people's way,
I learn to say 'Hi' and 'Goodbye' to every cashier I met,
I learn to say 'Sorry', 'excuse me', 'please', and 'thank you', everytime I speak,
I learn to always hold the door for other people and thanked those who hold the door for me,
I learn to always smile when walking outside,
I learn to read maps, I learn to ask for direction,
I learn to always speak up when I need to,
I learn that being quite is not going to work out here.

I learn to always be alert with the weather,
So, I won't going out wearing thick coat on sunny day or wearing just t-shirt on windy day!!

I learn to manage my own life, my own time, my own expenses,
I learn to hunt for the cheapest things in supermarket,
I learn to make full use of discount and coupons,
I learn that every penny is valuable here,

I learn that I have my own timetable,
I learn that I have to find my own classroom,
I learn that everyone working in the university
is always more than willing to help me.

I learn to appreciate sunshine here
I learn to spend time at the beach, at the park, whenever possible,
before it gets too cold and I couldn't go anywhere

I learn to be tolerate with people,
I learn to understand their cultures and their own ways of seeing things,
I learn that it's safe to go outside at night,
as long as you don't make an eye contact with strangers and drunk people,

I learn to live together with other people around me.. (well, almost)
I learn to not being judgmental,
I learn that people with tattoos and piercings isn't necessarily bad..

I learn how to survive!

It's just about 10 days living in UK and I've learned so much.. more lesson of life coming after this!

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