Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm soo rich, yet I'm soo poor!

just counting the money...

haha.. this is real 'pound' money, guys... bukan duit Saidina atau duit monopoli ye..I arranged them on the floor to make it easier to count. The total is
£1645 which is equal to roughly, RM 8225. That is a hell lot of money! well, at least for me..

but I've to pay the room rent, which is
£1421.76 !!

my money.. sob sob..

only a hundred and something left for me.. wuwuu.. and I still need to pay for the second payment next year..which is £1600+.. omg.. what am I gonna eat by that time?? we won't receive the next allowance until next year...wuuwuu.. and that's another several months to come!

That's why I'm soo down in Mr. Rupert's class just now.. (sad about money???) cuz I'll be giving my baby away.. mummy loves you, money!

Technically, this is not my money.. it's the government money anyway.. but I love them so much, dah anggap macam duit sendiri dah..hahaha


so rich, yet so poor...

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