Thursday, September 2, 2010

Harry Law, you choose me ^^

The result for our accommodation is finally out!
I got mine pretty late, compared to others
and I was freaking out because
I thought they haven't received my form
as I do sent it quite late, hahaha
And when my other friends
already know where they're gonna stay,
I became even more crazier,lol
some get the hall of their dream
while some don't
what about me??

okay, so a week later,

I got mine
took like 15 minutes to open the email
cuz I was soo nervous!
please, please don't put me in Bateson!
I don't want a shared toilet!
and it's written there,

Ms Faiqah Ismail
Harry Law Hall
Room 222

Alrite! my own Toilet!!
Of course I was so surprised, I was speechless for few seconds
Because Harry Law is a corridor style building
Okay, don't really get what its mean
what it really matter,
the room's nice
the rent is reasonable
the toilet is mine
and it's near the University
so suit the 'early riser' like me, hahaha

So far, my hall mates are,
Kasturi, Chitra, Rhema
Afiq and Zulkarnain
which means that,
I'm the only Malay girl from Ipda
to stay there?
or probably the only Malay girl in the hall
this is soo.. Idk
can't find the right adjectives at the moment, lol

okay, whatever
Ain is so upset because he was hoping there would be someone
to cook for him
Since I was the only IPDA's Malay girl in the hall,
pity him, lol!
cause I can't cook anything, I think he'll be the one cooking for me, instead!

and my Mum..
okayz, so I never told her anything about
how boys and girls are gonna live in the same hall in UK
cause I don't think it really matters
but she saw a picture of
a boy and a girl
cooking happily in the kitchen's hall

So, I have no choice but to tell her the truth

I was so surprised
that she's telling everyone about it!
oh my, i don't know that it will bug my mom that much
seriously, no worries, mummy
I won't take advantage, lol
I'll just kick anyone whose being jerk to me!
and I'm not into westerners anyway
Asian pride, baby!
Seriously, I'll be just fine
I know how to take care of myself
I promise you that!

Harry Law, you've choose me.
so be prepared! hahaha

Thanks for reading,
Have a nice day, y'all!


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