Sunday, September 5, 2010

A swing in the middle of the Town

Imagine this,
I was sitting on a swing,
in a middle of a busy small town,
in front of me are crowded stalls,
with people buying stuff
for Hari Raya

on my left,
I could see people
waiting for taxis
and cars, buses, motorcycles
filled the road
like a chain
with no ends

around me
people were walking back and forth
unfamiliar faces but aren't strangers
dressed in a similar outfits,
talk in a same language,
and I could easily recognize
those are my dear hometown people

And I was still sitting on a swing,
in the middle of a busy small town
with the taste of blood in my mouth
a visit to the dentist causes it
but why would I care about bleeding gums anyway?
when I could swing all day!

And besides me,
a little boy of age five
is my little companion
swinging freely
while reciting a Surah
Now tell me, how cool is that??

for the first time in my life,
In a place so crowded
in a place filled with noises
of talking and honking
in a place where
the unknown people gathered,
I feel so safe,
so peaceful
like being at home.

as I swing,
all I could see is the skies above me
and all I could feel is the wind hitting on my face
and all I could hear is a boy reciting a Surah
and all I could taste is blood in my mouth

and all I could think of,
I never wanted to leave this place

This is based on writer's own experience on the day she went to the town
to see the dentist and got her first scaling ever. (lol)
After that, she saw a little playground built in the middle of the town
and played the swing while waiting for her mother and her sister
that's when she see the beauty hidden behind the old and crowded small town
making she whispered to herself,
'there's no place like home'

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