Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life is sometimes so beautiful

I had a very sad dream last night,
and I woke up noticing that I'm completely alone,
I'm not on my own bed, not in my own room,
not in my own house
I called my mom just to receive a news that
she'll give my pet bunny to her friend to keep.

Yeah, it didn't started off very well for me today....

Then, my friends called
and asked if I wanna join them hanging out.
Why not? I'll go crazy if I stayed in my room any longer.

I really didn't expect that
they were going to Southsea! lovely place.
Thank you so much guys,
it helps cheering my sad and lonely heart,lol

first we went for a walk in the field..

and saw the roses are blooming..

we smell the sweet roses...

amazed by the awesome scenery

loving the flowers..

and there's more flowers

there's flower all along the road!

then, we went to the beach

so warm!

and watch the hovercraft..

then we walked some more..

and saw this lovely leaves

and then we went to this park..

and watch the people taking their dog for a walk..

we keep on walking...

and walking....

and walking...

and taking pictures on a memorial bench..

and taking pictures of the sky

and taking pictures of more flowers!

lovely blooms...I love it!

and.. it's time to go back... sigh~

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