Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh, What a night....

it's 3 a.m and I'm writing a blog post...

Today, I only got one class, 11-1 pm,
and I planned to meet Charlotte afterward,
but I fell asleep instead,
hahaha, that's what happen when you go back to your room.^^
So, I've slept for 4 hours in the evening!
and I only woke up when I heard the loud music from downstairs
yo, DJ, thanks for waking me up!

I'm so lonely, and boring!
So, I was thinking about going to Bateson to meet Intan
but I went outside and it was raining...T_T
and then, I went to my room..
not hungry or thirsty, but I cook maggi.. and drink Diet Coke
hah! and I'm trying soo hard to NOT put on

tonight, it seems so quite and peaceful..
it's almost 12 pm..
Stopped watching Tv on Freewire
went to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth..
want to solat Isyak..
baru nak 'Allahhu Akbar..'

[ kringgggggg.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

oh my God..
does it has to be now???

I continue my prayer..
cause I know the chances of it to be a real fire is like 0.01%
outside, people were noisy with curses and swearing..
shut up. if you don't wanna go downstairs, just bear with the sound lor..
after I've finished praying,
grabbed my sweater, and wear my tudung..
wandered around my corridor, empty.. guess everyone had left the building...
and then the sound stop, ah, lucky lucky!
I hurried back to my room.
who wants to go outside in the cold, raining night?? bahaha.. suckers!

I think because the fire drill has 'woken up'
everyone, they .. just couldn't sleep anymore.
so, they decide to have a party!

and they also made me, unable to sleep too...
great, I have class tomorrow morning, you wise people!

omg.. so noisy!!
and then I heard a funny noises..
okay, it's 18sx thingy.. sorry readers..
gosh, these people are too much!
and there was shouting, laughing, singing,
and someone was doing a 'gymnastic' in the hallway..
'cause I can feel my walls are shaking like they're about to fall over..

what a night~
thank God I had that four hour sleep in the evening...

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