Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scary Harry...

Hey, Harry.

Though I did say I like you a lot, but you could be so scary sometimes.
I'm too scared to go out of my room.
Last night I need to go to the kitchen which is like 2 doors away,
to keep the chicken slices that I bought .
Oh my, this is scary.. I waited till I'm very sure that there's no one outside..and then I rushed to the kitchen but, shoot! It's locked.
I ran back to my room to grab the key.
Then, I ran to the kitchen again and unlocked the door.
ahh.. safe! but, what the... there were bottles of beer all over the kitchen table..
and a few ipods, charging..

very clever..

I could just stole them and no one would knew..but, nah!
I opened the fridge and it's almost full with their stuffs
whatever, I just need some little space to put my chicken and leave

I don't know when will I ever go back to the kitchen and take it back, lol

Hey, Harry.
I do want to go out meeting my neighbours,
I'm excited to know them
, I heard their voices but I haven't see them yet,
sigh~ but I'm just to scared

they're like...adults and huge.. and I'm so tiny.. lol.
When I heard people talking outside my room
I'll be really quite and pretend like my room is 'unowned'
bah! why am I being sooooo freaking coward???
I hate myself..

Hey, Harry.
Last night, I had the first 'fake' fire alarm
it's so loud!! and freaking annoying!
I had to stay in the bathroom
until the alarm goes out..
and at 7.30 am this morning,
the second fake fire alarm!
hey, whoever did that,
I really2 wanna thanked you
cuz if it wasn't for the alarm
I could have been late for my morning class!

so thank you very much!

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