Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm a Lesbian?? oh nooooo

Okay, first don't get me wrong, and don't freak out,
cuz I haven't tell my story yet, lol

It all started on a normal day, I was browsing through Youtube to find any good videos to watch
and I stumbled upon this one youtuber,
He did a cover for Peter Pan's song and it didn't took me long to fall in love with his beautiful voice and most importantly because,
he is SOo cute!!MyEm0.Com

and I was even more excited knowing that this boy is actually a Malaysian (yippee!)
so far, the cute boys on Youtube are always either Filipino
or half Asian living abroad, sigh~
and what makes him different from others is: he's so sweet and nice!MyEm0.Com
He properly thanked everyone who commented on his videos
and I do sometimes send him

a message and he never forget to reply me back ^^ ahh.. and I just feel like in heaven,lol!


I tried to find out more about him, and discovered that
he's a year younger than me, (no big deal, lol)
that his hometown is quite near to where I was currently studying, (omo, seriously?)
and I even think of a plan to meet him (ye
p, this is crazy)
but, of course it didn't happen. hahaha!

I showed his videos to my friend (ya Nazihah, kamu) and I was really
hoping that she'll be impressed;
but the first thing she said after watching the
videos is...

"This is a girl, right?"

and I was like,


"No, dear friend. It's obviously a boy."

" are you sure? like really, really sure...?"
"What?? How could you even doubt that??"

okay, so maybe he's too cute that he looks like a girl, and ...his complexion is ..nice and he wears err..earrings and bangles and necklace... so, maybe he's a stylish boy?
and it's still cute!

but after my friend brought up this 'issue', I, too, started to feel confused.
Yeah, she could be right. How do I know if he's really a boy?
From his name?
His youtube name is a boy's name but it can also be a girl's name.
His voice?
ok, a little bit 'high' for a 19 years old. But I thought that his voice hasn't changed yet because, he does look wayy younger than his

So, I was still strongly believe that he's just a girlish-lookin boy

unfortunately, he got troubles with uploading videos and
there hasn't been any recent updates from him for quite a while..

until recently....

I went to youtube and found his new videos
and I was shocked by the way he looks now,
his hair is longer, like the boy in this pic,

I wonder how he went to college with that hair... and I was even more and more confused because he looks even girlish! oh no~ So, I showed his latest videos to my friend and she laughed at me
and say that it's obviously a girl.MyEm0.Com
but, nah~ I still don't believe that.

until I read all the comments on his Youtube page (Gosh, I'm such a stalker!)
and someone wrote this,

It's a GIRL, but she's the best singing girl!


> I had my heart's broken to a thousand pieces
'She' even has a 'girlfriend' and that girl is currently in Afghanistan
(I'm sure she's just joking about this)

They must have something going on between them, because
they wrote on each other's page, 'questionable' things like..

Hey, I miss you.. really2 wish you were here!
I love you!! I love hearing your voice, sayang..
Auww.. you dedicated that song for me.. thanks.. now I even love you more! muahh <3

And I was like this, MyEm0.Com for that whole night.
and I also saw her GF's comment on one inappropriate Lesbian' vid;

I love Lesbian!


Okay, so may be I'm too exaggerating about this..
and I did feel guilty stalking them (0_*)
people might have been use to seeing girls
pretend to be a boy
and love girls,
but not me,
not this 'kampong' girl
I don't hate them, nor approve of what they're doing
because we haven't know the real reason of them being like that
In real life, I've never met such people, so I know I don't have the right to judge them.

Me: Nazihah, if he's a girl, then I could have being a Lesbian??MyEm0.Com
Nazihah: no lah.. you're the most 'normal' girl I have ever met. Believe me.MyEm0.Com
Me: Yeah, of course! I love boys! How can I ever be a Lesbian?? hahahaha!!!!MyEm0.Com

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Nurul Anis said...

kekekekekekeke. ;))

xox Faiqah xox said...

owowo.. gelak2 kt org ye.. kalu jd kt diri sndri bru tau frustnye.. kikiki

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