Friday, October 1, 2010

Fire and Rain

Today is a really wet day!
it has been raining since morning and it was quite a busy day for me, I only have one hour class, but I had to got to the bank to get my Iban letter, and to University House to pay my hall fees, imagine walking in the cold, windy and rainy day.. it's faarr from pleasant! urghh!

wind+rain= umbrella is completely useless..
I went out, happily with my new umbrella (warna hitam plain mcm org pakai kat funeral) and less than 5 minutes, it's almost got broken because of the wind! dahsyat betul angin kat sini..
I went back to my room, around 2 pm, was just lying around, relaxing, when the fire alarm suddenly beeping..
o my goodness~

Usually I will just ignore the alarm, hiding in my room, or in the bathroom but I decided to go out this time, because it's daytime, usually it always happened at night~ but it's freezing cold outside!!!! and it's raining. and windy. though I had my sweater on, it's still cold, brrr, menggeletar satu badan, tapi still buat2 cool.. control2..
haa.. barulah nampak semua (almost) penduduk Harry Law.. ada gak yang cute..(omg, sempat scan org lagi..) tapi yg pasti bukan corridor ak..huhu (bertabahlah..)
nak beku ak duk kat luar, cepat la, cepat la.. and after they made sure the place is clear, we were allowed to go in again.ha.. nasib baik..fuh~

But, one hour after that, the fire alarm beeps again! you gotta be kidding me.. seriously, sapa yang dok hisap rokok dalam bilik ni??? terpaksa la ak kuar lagi..sob2.. I went out, run to Bateson and went to Intan's room..hahaha.. I can't stay outside no more.. kang ak masuk hospital plak..
While I was in Intan's room, I could see the people all went inside again, means the place is clear again. But not long after that, fire alarm again!! THREE fire alarms in 2 hours.. this is Harry Law new record! bravo2.. funny thing is, everytime the alarm beeps, semua van2 security datang.. is this a fire safety practice?? how many time do you want to practice, haa??

hey people who did the fake fire alarm.. I'll hunt you down!

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